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Play “I Spy” in Reality Reorganized

Guest Post by Kaitlyn Hirst Stop. Look. Tilt your head. Squint. Tilt the other way. Shift the legs. Look again. This is the typical order of body movements of viewers as they look at the images in the Reality Reorganized show. The absurd and dreamlike lithographs and paintings by Wayne Kimball and Walter Askin twist […]

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Time Lapse:

Time Lapse: “Plexus no. 29”

Gabriel Dawe‘s new installation at the MOA, Plexus no. 29, is one of many in a series of large-scale works by the artist that feature colorful, intertwining threads. As each thread is individually passed through a series of hooks, a unified network–or plexus– is formed, which provides the inspiration for the title of the series. The […]

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Meet the MOA: Clyda Ludlow

Every so often we highlight one of the amazing staff members here at the MOA, so you can get a look at the wonderful work that so many talented people do to make the MOA great! This week we chat with Clyda Ludlow, the Collections Manager, which is part of the Registration Department. She knows […]

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The Film that

The Film that “Promoted International Understanding”: “Broken Arrow”

The BYU MOA is screening the 1950 Western drama film Broken Arrow in conjunction with the current exhibition Branding the American West: Paintings and Films 1900-1950. Film was an integral part of introducing people all over the world what the American West was like – both for good and for ill. Films often stereotyped native peoples, exaggerated the […]

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