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Guest post by Megan Mayfield, MOA Marketing Intern

David Lindsay, "The Lord Speaks to Samuel"

David Lindsay, “The Lord Speaks to Samuel”

The Lord Speaks to Samuel and Alma’s Prayer are two prints by David Lindsay that are currently on display in The Interpretation Thereof: Contemporary LDS Art and Scripture. The prints, created from David Lindsay’s inked hand, showcase two moments of spiritual conversation with the Lord. The use of the artist’s palm in the prints also indicates a deeper meaning.

Samuel and Alma were both prophets of the Lord. Samuel, given into the service of the Lord as a child, was a strong religious leader of the Israelites. Alma, once sinful, became a powerful tool among the Lamanites and helped bring many into the church. Both of these individuals faced significant trials but were able to rely on the strength of the Lord to do what He needed them to do. They were Christ’s hands, doing His work and laying the foundations for His coming.

The importance of Christ’s hands is iterated in LDS conference talks and scriptures. His hands lifted others, they healed, they blessed. Most importantly, Christ’s hands bear the scars of the ultimate sacrifice. Lindsay helps remind the viewer of this David Lindsay, "Alma's Prayer"sacrifice, as well as the sacrifice of two great prophets. The symbolism of the hand as the printing block reminds us that we too can become Christ’s hands. As we apply the teachings of the prophets into our lives, we too can have a positive mark on the lives of others.

As you observe this and other artworks in The Interpretation Thereof: Contemporary LDS Art and Scripture, let us know lessons you’ve learned and how you get inspired.

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