Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Museum of Art Docent

Docents at the Museum of Art act as a living link between the museum’s exhibitions and its visitors. Volunteer docents provide educational tours of current exhibitions to university classes, high school, junior high and elementary school students, as well as community and family groups. Many of the musuem’s docents are university students and members of the local community. Through their hard work and dedication, docents provide an invaluable service to the museum, the university, and the general public.
Along with giving tours, docents have also taken tickets for exhibitions, assisted with special events, and even provided musical entertainment for such occasions.
All docents are required to take a BYU course (VA EDU 380) which trains them to lead tours and provides a backbround in museum education theory. The course meets Thursday nights from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Museum of Art. Once trained, docents provide exhibition tours at the museum during fall and winter semesters.