Nina Katchadourian, “Talking Popcorn”

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Nina Katchadourian, "Talking Popcorn"

Nina Katchadourian, “Talking Popcorn,” 2016, Popcorn machine, black pedestal, red vinyl base, microphone, laptop with custom-written Morse Code program, printed paper bags, popcorn, Courtesy of the artist and Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco.

From the artist, Nina Katchadourian:

Talking Popcorn is a commercial popcorn machine hooked up to a hidden computer that uses Morse code to translate the sounds of the popping popcorn and then speaks out the resulting words. As you hear Talking Popcorn talk, you listen the way you might when conversing in a language you don’t know very well. Although much of the machine’s speech is nonsense, your desire for comprehension may begin to extract meaning from even the most broken phrases.”

Visit Nina Katchadourian: Curiouser at the BYU Museum of Art, through August 11, 2018!



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