January 23-April 26, 1997

Henry Neil Rasmusen (1909-1970), “Triumvirate,” oil on Masonite, 48 x 50 inches. Brigham Young University Museum of Art, gift of Pam Rasmusen.

This exhibition chronicles the advent of abstraction in the state of Utah through the work of 35 painters and brings together carefully selected masterworks from public and private collections throughout the state. Modernist painters such as George Dibble, Lee Deffebach, David Dornan, Dale Fletcher, Peter Myer, Bonnie Phillips, Edie Robertson, Bonnie Sucec, and Douglas Snow challenged the orthodox criteria for representing reality. They sought to express ideas about the world around them through the process of painting that allowed their emotional, philosophical, and spiritual understanding to permeate their vision. The exhibition is a composite view of non-representational painting in Utah and was organized and developed by Ann Poore, who, as a writer for the Salt Lake Tribune, worked with many of the artists represented in the show.

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