August 12, 1998 -December 31, 1998

Milton Goldstein (1915-2000), “Sunset Sky, Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park,” 1972, dye-transfer color print, 22 5/8 x 19 ¼ inches. Gift of Milton and Martha Goldstein.

Goldstein’s compositions capture the unnoticed and accessible views of nature in an effort to focus our vision on the divine beauty that surrounds us. Since Goldstein took up photography at the age of 49 in 1964, he has searched for visions of inspiration in most of the National Parks in the west. He views his role in photography as that of a creative artist, whose eye is capable of recognizing the magnificent compositions naturally occurring in nature, and without a moment’s hesitation, is able to record the fleeting and eternally changing viewpoints of the natural landscape.

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