November 16, 2000 -November 3, 2001

At the same time Maynard Dixon introduced his best work, Lange emerged from the confines of her studio to become one of the most respected photojournalists of her time. During her time married to Maynard Dixon, 1920-1935, Lange shaped her aesthetic as she moved from commercial portraiture to documentary photography. The exhibition explored Dixon’s influence on Lange’s aesthetic, specifically in terms of her exposure to the West through extended stays with him in places such as the Sierra Nevada in 1921, Arizona on a Navajo reservation in 1922, Walpi on the Hopi reservation in 1923, and finally in 1931 in Taos, New Mexico. During these excursions she not only spent much of her time experiencing first hand the vastness of the Western landscape, but also experienced it in Dixon’s paintings as they created art inspired by the same subjects. Among the featured photographs was Lange’s “Migrant Mother”.


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