November 13, 2003 -February 21, 2004

Contemporary Spaces: Underlying Culture brings together the work of five artists who use photography as a means of exploring ideas related to a sense of place, cultural identity, human interaction, and the nature of artistic expression in contemporary urban life. The photographers capture and record the shape, movement and composition of human activity in relation to art and  architecture in an environment that values the aesthetics of commodity and economics over the intimacy of human expression and contact. Louise Lawler examines the both the public and private spaces that house objects of art. George Rousse travels through the world to find abandoned urban spaces where he creates installations and photographs them. Doug Hall travels far to compare and contrast the aesthetics of urban environments and the people who move within them. Phillip-Lorca diCorcia, who explores the paradox of a contrived setting and spontaneous activity, hides his camera and waits for the opportune moments to photograph the people who move through the space. These photographers and others in the exhibit use their unique methods to capture and study the movement of people through contemporary spaces.


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