Jeanne Leighton-Lundberg Clarke, Harmony in Blue

Two of our current exhibitions are available virtually! Enjoy stunning favorites inTreasures from the Collection and explore Minerva Teichert’s fascinating depictions of scenes from the Book of Mormon in From the Vault, as well as three recent exhibitions no longer on view.

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The Museum of Art’s collection of over 18,000 artworks had its origins in a university art collection. Beginning in 1909, Brigham Young University sought to bring artwork to its campus as a way of benefitting student education and enriching the campus environment. The Museum of Art (MOA) was completed in 1993, as a space dedicated to the preservation of an art collection, as well as venue to feature world-class artwork of various styles and themes.

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From the Vault: A Selection of Minerva Teichert’s Book of Mormon Paintings

Minerva Teichert "The Promised Land"

Minerva Teichert’s series of 42 paintings showing episodes from the Book of Mormon, a distinctive scriptural text of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, represents this personal yearning to share her faith. The BYU Museum of Art owns the complete set of murals, 18 of which are presented in the exhibition at the museum. Calling this the “greatest joy as well as the toughest job I ever hope to undertake,” Minerva dedicated herself completely to this project from 1949–1951.

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John Henri Moser: Painting Utah Modern

John Henri Moser, "Red Butte River"

John Henri Moser explored the Utah landscape with painterly abandon, producing emotionally resonant landscapes with pink mountains, violet skies, and flame-orange trees. With vibrant colors and energetic colors inspired by European Modernism, the contemplated the spiritual and physical beauty of the natural world.

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A Studio of Her Own: Women Artists in the Collection

Dorothy Weir Young, "Seated Girl Reading Newspaper," c.1930, painting

While women have been a significant part of the art world for centuries, their work hasn’t always received equal attention and critical acclaim. In 2020, the BYU Museum of Art joins with many institutions commemorating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the United States. As we pause to consider women’s vital contributions to society, the Museum of Art celebrates their artistic creativity, originality, and impact with this new exhibition.

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“Come, Follow Me” Supplement: Minerva Teichert’s Book of Mormon Paintings

Minerva Teichert "Moroni: The Last Nephite"

Curators and Educators at the BYU Museum of Art have created this “Come, Follow Me” supplement to assist you and your family in your study of the Book of Mormon this year. Using Minerva Teichert’s Book of Mormon series to illustrate, thought-provoking questions accompany each artwork.

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