Night at the Museums

Night at the Museums


March 25, 2022    
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Night at the Museums is back! Visit all five campus museums in one spectacular evening for music, free refreshments, activities, and more! Solve a clue at each museum to earn a prize!

The participating museums are (find a map here):

2007-06 0039  2007-06 Museum of Art  An empty BYU Museum of Art closed during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  July 16, 2020  Photography by Nate Edwards/BYU  © BYU PHOTO 2020
All Rights Reserved  (801) 422-7322
Museum of Peoples and Cultures

The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum
Phillips Lane & 1550 N (next to the Marriott Center)

Featuring Mini Cougartails

Education in Zion
Inside the JFSB

Featuring Crumbl Cookies

The Museum of Art
North Campus Drive (next to the HFAC)

Featuring Hruska’s Kolaches

The Museum of Paleontology
1638 N Canyon Road

Featuring veggie trays

The Museum of Peoples and Cultures
2201 N Canyon Road

Featuring mocktails

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