Changes to MOA Family Programs in 2015

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Dear Museum Patrons,

As we look forward to a new year of family programing, there are a few changes that we hope will enhance your experience at the BYU Museum of Art (MOA).

Because of high demand for the Van Gogh to Play Dough program for toddlers, the monthly registration spaces have filled quickly. Beginning in January 2015, the program will be extended over two months rather than one. This way, twice as many patrons will be able to participate in any given Van Gogh program, with each family registering for one session every two months.

Also due to popular demand, Open Studio will be repeated twice each month, on the first and third Saturdays, and the somewhat less-attended Adventures in Art program will be discontinued. The best aspects of Adventures in Art will be combined with the free-choice, self- guided family experience of Open Studio, as both programs are open to families with children of a wide age range. Especially advantageous is the opportunity for family members of all ages to participate in
Open Studio with no registration required.

In addition, the MOA is in the process of developing self-guided family tour aids for some of our long-term exhibitions such as Shaping America. This will provide another resource, in addition to our existing family programs, that will enrich your gallery experience through lively family discussions and activities.

Best wishes,
BYU Museum of Art Education Department
(801) 422-8226

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