Guest Artist Lecture: Danae Mattes

Thursday, March 14, 2019 | 5:00 PM

About the Artist:

Danae Mattes has long since had a fascination with water. This started when she was in Germany and living near the Elbe River, and she observed it year around. While doing her residency she changed the location of her bed to fall down river, about this she said, “a visceral experience of this kind drew my attention to the energetic exchange that occurs between ourselves and the vastly dynamic environmental systems of the earth,” and thus, Danae Mattes fell in love the environment, change, and water.

After her time in Germany, she returned to San Francisco and there she began to experience with evaporation pools and the properties of water when mixed with earth, and our physical and emotional relationship to the natural world, when viewing it. We, ourselves, are made of organic matter and Mattes is exploring ways to artistically represent our relationship to the earth and its natural ebbs and flows.

BYU Museum of Art

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