Custom and Culture: Exploring World Communities through Art

Custom and Culture: Exploring World Communities through Art is an exciting new education program designed to engage elementary students in the world around them via a guided exhibition tour and hands-on art making at the Brigham Young University Museum of Art. The program includes pre- and post-museum visit lesson plans to help K-6 classes prepare for and reinforce concepts learned at the museum.

Custom and Culture uses the visual arts to help students and educators learn more about their role in local, national, and international communities while introducing them to the various cultures and ethnicities of their friends and neighbors. The ultimate aim of Custom and Culture: Exploring World Communities through Art is to use the visual arts to help nurture an informed, visually literate, and culturally sensitive generation of young people.

Custom and Culture is a cross-curricular program that incorporates Utah State Core Curriculum Standards in visual arts, social studies, dance, music, and language arts. Museum and classroom activities will implement writing, dance, and music to enhance visual arts learning while exploring themes of community, cooperation, and personal responsibility. Custom and Culture will be adapted to various exhibitions throughout the Museum, providing teachers with a consistent yet versatile program in which to participate each year.

This year the Custom and Culture program has been designed to complement the museum

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