Themed Tours + Art Activity

K-6 classes will also have the option to engage in hands-on Art Studio experiences in addition to their guided tour of Shaping America: Selected Works from the Permanent Collection of American Art. Following a 45-minute tour, our guides will conduct a 45-minute learning session in our Art Studio exploring one of the following themes: “Medium and Message” and “Narrative: How Art Tells a Story.” A 45-minute version of the latter is available for K-3.

Medium and Message
This program will explore how artists convey meaning through their materials. In the Shaping America exhibition, we will discover the diverse media used by artists of the last three centuries—with a special focus on the twenty-first century, when innovative technologies have presented artists with an exciting array of materials that make possible new modes of artistic expression. In the Art Studio, students will apply their new-found understanding of media to create their own twenty-first century sculptures, each reflecting a message unique to that individual.

Narrative: How Art Tells a Story
This program will explore how artworks can tell stories about people, events, objects, and places. By examining clues in paintings in the Shaping America exhibition we will uncover the subject, plot, setting, and mood found within each piece. In the Art Studio students will have the opportunity to create a work of art that tells a story using some of the techniques we learned in the gallery.

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