Past Exhibition Archive

Explore past exhibitions from the BYU Museum of Art’s rich history. Since the museum’s opening in 1993, exhibitions curated from within the collection and from around the world have made the MOA a place where visitors can truly find inspiration and an appreciation for others and their ideas.





150 Years of American Painting
A. Douglas Snow: To Be in This Country
Adam’s Dream: The Photography of Rodney Smith
Albert Paley: Sculpture in Steel
Alex Darais Modern Icons: Home, Sea, and Spirit
Allegories of Empire: British Bird Lithographs of the 19th Century
American Dreams: Selected Works from the Museums Permanent Collection of American Art
Andy Warhol: Marilyn Series
Art of the Ancient Mediterranean World
Art of Architecture: Works by Laureates of the Prizker Architectural Prize, The
Art of Sutcliffe Maudsley, The 
Art on Wheels: A Century of American Automobile Design
As the Rose: Sculptures by Adam Bateman
AT WAR!: The Changing Face of American War Illustration
AT WAR!: The Changing Face of American War Illustration (War Brides Section)
Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with the Arts of Islamic Culture
Beholding Salvation Images of Christ
Beneath the Bark: 25 Years of Woodturning
Bill Owens: Suburbia
Bjorn Evenson: Intimations of Transcendence
BYU Department of Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition
C.C.A. Christensen Mormon Panorama
California Impressionism
Camera and Soul: Milton Goldstein
Candida Höfer: Architecture of Absence
Carl Bloch: “Christ Healing the Sick at Bethesda
Carl Bloch: The Master’s Hand
Chihuly Baskets: Sculpture in Glass
Christmas Story as Told by Polish Folk Artists, The
Cliché and Collusion: Video Works by Grant Stevens
Colorprint USA: Spanning the States in ’98
Constructing Realities
Contemporary Spaces, Underlying Culture
Creches from Around the World
Dan Steinhilber
Dead Sea Scrolls
Depression Era Prints
Disenchanted Forest: Contemporary Art by Johnston Foster
Dismantling Geneva Steel: Photographs by Chris Dunker
Dorothea Lange’s Three Mormon Towns
Dorthea Lange: Human Documents
Dreaming Eyes of Wonder: Classic Children’s Book Illustrations
eg: Brian Knep
eg: Butterfly: Seoungho Cho
eg: Shin Kiwoun
eg: William Lamson
eg: Takeshi Murata and Michael Bell-Smith
eg: Vito Aconnci, Bill Viola, Seougho Cho
Empire of the Sultans
Escape to Reality: The Western World of Maynard Dixon
Etchings from the Biblical World of Marc Chagall
Etruscans: Legacy of a Lost Civilization, The 
Festival Organ: King of Instruments
First 100 Years: Collecting Art at BYU, The
Fleeting Impressions: Prints by James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903)
Frames of Beauty: “Examining the Eye of the Beholder”
From Heart and Hand: Polish Religious Folk Art
From Heart to Hand: African-American Quilts from the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art
Gary Smith: Seasons of the Land
George Dibble: Paintings on Paper
Goldstein’s Zion: Visions and Reflections
Hands of Rodin: A Tribute to B. Gerald Cantor, The
Holy Land Rediscovered: The Prints by David Roberts, The
Illuminated Manuscripts: ‘Reading’ the Image and the Word
Images of Don Quixote: Magic, Frames, and Imagined Possibilities
Imperial Tombs of China
In the Shadows of Timpanogos: Photographs by John Telford
Independent Spirits of the American West
Intersections: Six Utah Artists
Intimate Eye: Drawings by Burt Sivlerman, The
James Tissot: “The Life of Christ”
John Hafen: Oh My Father Illustrations
Lee Ann Miller: Nature Transformed
Lines of Communication: Poster Art by McRay Magelby
Lure of the West: Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
Mahonri: A Song of Joys
Mary Lois Wheatley: An Artful Life
Masterworks of Victorian Art from the Collection of John H. Schaeffer
Matter of Words: Adam Bateman and John Fraser, The
Maynard Dixon: Portraits and Figure Paintings
Metaphorically Speaking: Contemporary Religious Art
Milton Glaser: Just Enough is More
Minerva Teichert at the Crossroads: New Acquisition from the Early Years
Minerva Teichert: Pageants in Paint
Minerva Teichert: That He Who Runs May Read
Mirror Mirror: Contemporary Portraits and the Fugitive Self
Momen, Karl
Mormon Moderne: Latter-Day Saint Architecture 1890-1955
Nostalgia and Technology
Object of Devotion: Medieval English Alabaster Sculpture from the Victoria and Albert Museum
On the Road with C.C.A. Christensen: The Moving Panorama
Our Tuneful Heritage: American Musical Instruments from the Met
Out of Print: Works By 25 Utah Printmakers
Outside Inside: Fragments of Place
Paintings from the Reign of Victoria: The Royal Holloway Collection, London
Past Tense: A Contemporary Dialogue
Pastoral Utah: Paintings from the Permanent Collection
Paths to Impressionism: French and American Landscape Paintings From the Worcester Art Museum
Patrick Ireland: Michael’s Corner
People in a Hard Land: Iconic Images of Life in the American Southwest
Peter Poskas: Painting of New England
Photographing Silence: Juan Rulfo’s Mexico
Photography and Perception: Exploring the Western Landscape
Photography by Karsh
Poetic Kinetics: Installation Art by Dennis and Andrew Smith
Presage of Passage: Sculpture for a New Century
Questioning Context: A Spectator Sport
Reality of Abstraction: Utah Painting 1946-1996, The
Rituals of Being: Works by Rie Hachiyanagi
Sacred Images: A Vision of Native American Rock Art
Seeking Rembrandt
Selections from the Anthony Pritzker and Pritzker Family Trusts Collection of Contemporary Art
Sight and Insight: The Art of Burton Silverman
Spirit of Native America, The
Splendor and Spectacle: Images of Dance from Court Ballet to Broadway
Story of Masada, The
Tapestries: The Twentieth Century Modernists
Tie That Binds: Nineteenth Century Realism, The
This Place Utah 1896-1996: A Legacy of Landscape Painting
Thoroughly Modern: The New Women Art Students of Robert Henri
Three-Dimensional Utah: 100 Years of Sculpture
Treasures From the J. Herbert Millburn Collection of Asian Art 1996-1997 
Treasures From the J. Herbert Millburn Collection of Asian Art
Turning Point: The Demise of Modernism and Rebirth of Meaning in American Art
Types & Typologies: German Photographers
Types and Shadows: Intimations of Divinity
Unfaded Pageant: Edwin Austin Abbey’s Shakespearean Scenes
Untamed Spirits: Animal Imagery in Native American Art
Utah Quilts: Threads of Tradition and Innovation
Visions of the Southwest from the Diane and Sam Stewart Art Collection
Walk in Beauty: Hohzo and Navajo Basketry
Walter Wick: Games, Gizmos, and Toys in the Attic
Weir Family 1820-1920: Expanding the Traditions of American Art, The
West Meets East: Folding Screens and Painting by Allan West
Westward Bound
Wide Open Spaces: Capturing the Grandeur of the American Southwest
Windows on a Hidden World: Japanese Woodblock Prints from the BYU Collection
Women’s Conference: Hearts Knit Together in Unity and Love
Women’s Conference: On Pins and Needles
Yankee Spirit: Highlights from the New Britain Museum,The

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