NOVEMBER 12, 2002 -FEBRUARY 15, 2003

Extensive travel throughout Egypt and Palestine in 1838-1839 allowed Scottish artist David Roberts to produce the most comprehensive and architecturally accurate collection of images of the Holy Land to date. Roberts’ is recognized not only for the technical superiority of the works but also for his uncanny ability to portray the quintessential pilgrim’s journey through the Holy Land. The rediscovery of Biblical antiquities and the quest to authenticate holy sites inspired both a religious awakening as well as a thirst for discovery among the public at large. Popular culture became imbued with exotic and romantic images of the East as Europeans longed to capture the experience of pilgrimage regardless of purpose. This exhibition of 123 hand-tinted lithographs produced under the patronage of Queen Victoria comes from Duke University Museum of Art and invites visitors to explore the history, culture and spirit of a bygone era.

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