July 27, 2007 -May 26, 2008

Minerva Teichert: Pageants in Paint examined how the American mural and pageantry movements influenced Teichert’s artistic production. The exhibit explored how Teichert’s personal dramatic flair contributed to the theatrical characteristics of her murals of religious and western subjects. This exhibit explores how the aesthetics of pageants and murals are nearly identical. Large numbers of people view both pageants and murals from a distance for educational purposes. Both convey their messages by highlighting human form and action through the absence of detail. Both spread figures across a simple backdrop, usually a landscape, within a shallow space. And both use the same compositional devices to achieve their aesthetic goals: dramatic tableaux, processions, and theatrical poses and gestures.

This exhibition is presented by Zions Bank and is sponsored in part by Classical 89 KBYU FM and the State of Utah Office of Museum Services. Initial research for the exhibition was funded by the Brigham Young University Women’s Research Institute.

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