April 6, 2012 – December 28, 2013

Herbert W. Dunton, “Delivering the Mail”, 1912-1915, oil on canvas, 29 11/16 x 24 11/16 inches. Courtesy of Diane and Sam Stewart.

This new exhibition focuses on memorable images of people in the American Southwest. It explores subjects in Southwestern art that have appeared with sufficient frequency and poignancy to become truly iconic:

  • Pioneers, cowboys, and Indians moving across a vast uninhabited landscape
  • Men and women engaged in the hard labor of taming a wild land
  • Western faces: tough, weatherworn, stoic, self-reliant, patient, wise, open, and honest
  • People from different cultures living in harmony with nature and each other

Even today, after more than a century of Western painting, these familiar themes remain among the most popular in all of American art.

These pieces highlight the American ideal of optimism, hard work, and determination. This idealization of Western life remains as one of the continuing wellsprings of the American Dream.


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