Sacred Gifts Press Coverage

After the MOA held a successful press conference and exhibition preview for the local media just before Sacred Gifts opened in November, some fantastic news stories about the exhibition surfaced. These are some highlights of the coverage garnered:

Rare paintings in Christ-centered exhibit to open at BYU

“The title of the exhibition comes from the Bible, but it also speaks to the artists who were all men of faith.”
“Curators had heard that the paintings will never leave the castle again, but the success of the Bloch exhibit three years ago opened the door for their trip to Utah.”
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Sacred art of Carl Bloch open to public at BYU Museum of Art

“Paintings in the exhibit are known to Christians around the world, who have seen reproductions. But these aren t reproductions — they re original works on loan from churches and museums in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and New York.”
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Perfect date: A labor of love

“What took over a decade to organize, now fits nicely into an evening of strolling through an art exhibit to experience wonderful beauty — and not just your beautiful and perfect date you’ve asked to accompany you.”
“You don’t have to be an art expert to appreciate the stories these paintings tell — there’s an app for that.”
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Major BYU exhibit may give Christendom a new favorite painting

“Many Mormons might have a favorite new painting of Jesus Christ after they see the blockbuster, $1.2 million “Sacred Gifts” exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art.”
“If Schwartz does become a Christian favorite, he will join the exhibits two other painters, whose work already hangs in many homes and churches throughout Christendom, including Mormon meetinghouses worldwide.”
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BYU to showcase paintings of three European masters

“You could call it the second coming — at least for Carl Bloch.”
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BYU Museum of Art Presents “Sacred Gifts”

“Sacred Gifts will feature nearly two dozen paintings capturing key episodes from the life of Christ. Most of the paintings have never been displayed in the United States and come to the Church-owned university ‘under extraordinary circumstances from churches and museums in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and New York.”
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