12 Days of Christmas MOA Gallery Activity

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From now until the end of December, the MOA is offering a special self-guided Gallery Activity! Bring your friends and family to participate in this fun and festive gallery scavenger hunt. Take a look at the clues below for a peek at the Gallery Activity:

Can you find the following on the main floor of the MOA?

12 Angels Peering—Nativity by Brian Kershisnik
Look at all the angels coming to see the baby Jesus! There are even some baby angels. Can you spot all twelve babies in this painting (including puppies)?


Brian Kershisnik, Nativity (detail), oil on canvas, 88″ x 204″, 2006. Collection of the BYU Museum of Art.

11 Branches Reaching—Portals-Tree of Life by Ryan Muldowney
Hint: This piece is made entirely of paper. People enjoy decorating Christmas trees. Do you have any favorite ornaments that tell a special story?

10 Cans A-Waiting—Convenient Charity by Jeff Hein
This artist deals with the true meaning of charity. Notice the difference between the elegant feast laid out on the table and the generic soup cans hidden beneath. Are we truly charitable if we save the best things for ourselves? Christmas should remind us that the best gifts come from the heart.


Come check out the 12 Days of Christmas Gallery Activity at the MOA this month for more scavenger hunting fun! Did we mention that you can earn a prize, too?

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