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Artwork of the Week

Each week, our team selects one artwork from our collection or a visiting exhibition to highlight. Subscribe to learn more about the depths of our collection and the many artists who've made it what it is today!

Come, Follow Me

At the beginning of each month, we have resources for each upcoming chapter in the Come, Follow Me program using works from our collection and select loaned exhibitions. If you'd like visual aids to assist your Sunday School class, Family Home Evening lesson, or personal study, subscribe to this mailing list.

Open Studio

Open Studio is the MOA’s family-friendly art-making program, usually held twice a month on Saturdays. Subscribe to this monthly list to get updates on new activities.

Yoga at the MOA

Several times a semester, we host yoga classes focused on specific artworks here at the MOA! As space is limited, booking for these events is required. Subscribe to get updates on future Yoga at the MOA events.

Faculty Updates

At the start of each semester and term, we email interested BYU faculty on MOA events and exhibitions that may be relevant to their classes. Email to be added to this mailing list.