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The Brigham Young University Museum of Art maintains an online database of artwork in the museum’s permanent collection and various information about each piece. Anyone can search the collection online after reading and agreeing to the E-Museum Use Agreement below. Please note that our database is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. For assistance, please contact our Collections Manager, Tiffany Wixom.


1. The contents of this site, including all images, text, video, and audio, are for personal, educational, and noncommercial use only. The contents of this site may not be reproduced in any form without permission from the BYU Museum of Art.

2. Removal of any digital watermark, proprietary notices, or accompanying text that may be included on or with the image is prohibited.

3. Any form of image reproduction, transmission, performance, display, rental, lending, or storage in any retrieval system is prohibited without the written consent of the artists and other copyright holders. For copyright inquiries or permission regarding use of the images, please contact BYU MOA Rights & Reproduction.

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