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4.1 miles film screenshot

4.1 Miles is a short documentary film by Daphne Matziaraki, created in 2016. The film follows local coast guard officers stationed off the Greek island of Lesbox, just 4.1 miles from the Turkish coast, where thousands of migrants have braved the Mediterranean to flee conflicts at home. This very short distance has become a death trap for many refugees from Syria, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. The coast guard once patrolled the tranquil, turquoise waters of this small island but now finds itself overwhelmed by the daily task of saving hundreds from drowning at sea.

The footage from this film was all shot on a single day, October 28, 2015. The footage is raw, unnerving, and heartbreaking. The film shows crucial moments between life and death, making the refugee crisis more than a distant world problem and highlighting heroic actions by many to save strangers in need.

4.1 Miles was nominated for 2017 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject. The film received the International Documentary Association David L. Wopler Student Documentary Award, the Documentary Gold Medal in the 2016 Student Academy Awards, and a 2016 Peabody Award.

The film is on a continuous loop in the BYU Museum of Art Electronic Gallery through March 23, 2019.


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