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Guest Post by, MOA PR Intern

Dinner and a movie… again!? Come on! You’re better than that!

If you’re a broke college student like me, you appreciate any and all free date ideas. It
can get expensive to go out every single week in order to get that one-on-one time with your
boo! Some of the best dates are the ones where you get to talk and learn more about each
other, which is something you can’t do in a silent movie theater.

Our “Art with Heart” date program is a semi-guided tour around the museum’s
exhibitions. Don’t know how to talk about art? Don’t worry! You will be armed with a fresh new
scavenger hunt featuring questions, activities, coupons, and prizes. You and your date are sure
to have fun, learn more about art, and learn more about each other when you participate in our
free “Art with Heart” program. The best thing about it? It is open any time the museum is open. If
you just come up to the front desk and ask them about it, you can be ready to go in no time!

So, go ahead! Impress your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or someone new by bringing
them to the MOA for this fun, free, cultural date experience! We can’t wait to see you!

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