Behind The Scenes of the “John Henri Moser: Painting Utah Modern” Exhibition

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Guest Post by Baylie Jeppesen, MOA Marketing and PR Intern

Setting up for a new art exhibition looks more like a construction project than you would think! The time, efforts, and changes that are put into exhibition areas are not easily realized when you show up to see the final product. Behind the scenes, a lot of effort is put into making these individual art pieces really pop and tell their story.

John Henri Moser (1876-1951), Red Stone Canyons, Zion, 1923, oil on board, 19 x 23 inches. Susan and Mark Callister Collection.

Artist John Henri Moser is known for being the “Van Gogh of Utah”. In person, his pieces truly consume you and demand to be looked at for more than just a couple of seconds. His loose brushstrokes and bright colors are simply not done justice when viewed as pictures on a screen. The exhibition room features a fresh new coat of dark charcoal paint, which really helps these bright pieces speak for themselves. The juxtaposition of these dark muted walls with these brilliant vivid pieces allows viewers to focus on the art rather than surrounding distractions. Here is a sneak peek of one of the pieces that will be featured in this new exhibition, entitled “Red Stone Canyons, Zion”!

We hope you will come and see the works of Utah’s first modernist, John Henri Moser, next week! John Henri Moser: Painting Utah Modern will be open from February 28, 2020 – October 10, 2020, with a special tour on March 4th at 12:10 PM and an Art after Dark celebration on March 6th! To learn more about these events, visit the “Events” tab!

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