In Memoriam: Paul Anderson

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Paul Anderson Curator of Southwest Art

Photography by Nathalie Van Empel, BYU

Paul Anderson, former designer and curator at the BYU Museum of Art, passed away on Friday, March 23, 2018.

With the inception of the BYU Museum of Art, Paul’s early influence helped shape and establish the institution as one of the premier university museums in the country. To the present day, much of its interior space reflects Paul’s gifts as an architect and designer. He served for more than twenty-one years at the MOA, first as Head of Design and then as Curator of Southwest American Art. He served an important role in the history of the MOA’s rich Southwestern collection by curating and designing four shows melding in the collections of Diane and Sam Stewart. After retirement, he took up painting in a serious and accomplished way and continued to lead his ward choir. He is credited with four lyrics in the current LDS hymnal. He will be missed by all who have experienced his work at the Church History Museum, in the restoration of historic temples and Church historical sites, and his many exhibitions within our own galleries. God rest and bless our friend Paul, and comfort his family and many friends.

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