July 24, 2016

 In MOA Artwork of the Week

C.C.A. Christensen (1831-1912), Pioneers Crossing the Plains of Nebraska, c.1878, tempera on muslin, 77 x 113 inches. Brigham Young University Museum of Art, gift of the grandchildren of C.C.A. Christensen, 1970.


Happy Pioneer Day! Today, throughout the State of Utah, we commemorate the day that the first Mormon pioneers entered into the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. The day is celebrated with fireworks, parades, and appreciation for the sacrifices these men, women, and children made to find their place in the West.

“We’ll find the place with God for us prepared,/ Far away in the West,/ Where none shall come to hurt or make afraid;/ There the Saints will be blessed./ We’ll make the air with music ring,/ Shout praises to our God and King;/ Above the rest these words we’ll tell -/ All is well! All is well!”

– William Clayton, “Come, Come, Ye Saints” (Hymn 30)



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