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Every so often we highlight one of the amazing staff members here at the MOA, so you can get a look at the wonderful work that so many talented people do to make the MOA great! We recently got to talk with Teresa Taylor, the MOA’s Business Manager. 

Teresa Taylor in NYC

Teresa in New York City

MOA: Hi Teresa! Let’s start by you telling us your job title and how long you’ve worked at the MOA?
Teresa: I’m the Business and Administration Manager, and I will have worked here for five years this July.
MOA: What are some of your main duties as the Business and Administration Manager?
Teresa: I direct and manage all business-related functions for MOA, including budgeting, capital asset control, policy and procedure compliance, and financial reporting.  I also oversee the MOA store and manage any special projects when required.
MOA: How did you prepare vocationally or educationally for your job?
Teresa: I went back to school and graduated in 2011 with my Bachelor of Science, Accounting from Utah Valley University.  I also had previous experience in the finance and mortgage banking industry, I was the office manager of a small business. Also, while finishing accounting degree I worked full-time at UVU in Budget department.
Baker, Fallen Monarchs

William Bliss Baker (1859-1886), “Fallen Monarchs”, 1886, oil on canvas, 76.2 x 101 cm, Brigham Young University Museum of Art, gift of Thomas E. Robinson.


MOA: What is your favorite piece in the MOA’s permanent collection? 
Teresa: Just one?  Hmmm. Fallen Monarchs by William Bliss Baker.  It’s currently shown in “Shaping America” with some of my other favorite paintings: Lift Up Thine Eyes by Norman Rockwell, Immigrants to New York City by Minerva Teichert, Premier Chagrin by Daniel Ridgeway Knight and Forgotten Man by Maynard Dixon.
MOA: Why do you love your job?
Teresa: I work with some the best people!
MOA: If you could have your portrait done by any artist, living or dead, who would you choose to do your portrait?
Teresa: I would choose John Singer Sargent (traditional) or Andy Warhol (pop art).
MOA: What is your favorite thing to do?
Teresa: I have two favorites – traveling and my grandchildren! (Both pictured in this post.)

Teresa with her newest grandchild

What is your favorite treat in the MOA Store? 🙂
Teresa:  Sea salt caramels
Thank you for all you do Teresa! You’re amazing!
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