Photo-Secession: Painterly Masterworks of Turn-of-the-Century Photography

August 11 — December 2, 2017 

Struss, Flatiron Building

This exhibition celebrates an intrepid and colorful group of photographers at the turn of the 20th century on both sides of the Atlantic who fought to establish photography as fully-fledged fine art, coequal with painting, sculpture, and etching.


The leader of the Photo-Secession photographers was Alfred Stieglitz, and other artists joined the movement, including Heinrich Kuhn, Gertrude Kasebier, Edward Steichen, and Clarence White. The exhibition also covers the explosive aftermath of the Photo-Secession, when, starting with the work of Paul Strand in 1915-16, photography transitioned from Pictorialism to Modernism.

The 72 works in this exhibition are drawn from the private collection of Michael Mattis and Judith Hochberg.