Play “I Spy” in Reality Reorganized

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Guest Post by Kaitlyn Hirst

Stop. Look. Tilt your head. Squint. Tilt the other way. Shift the legs. Look again. This is the typical order of body movements of viewers as they look at the images in the Reality Reorganized show. The absurd and dreamlike lithographs and paintings by Wayne Kimball and Walter Askin twist the viewers mind through a healthy dose of perplexing images and humorous games.

Walter Askin paints in bright cheery colors with dark unidentifiable objects looming throughout them. As the eye separates the cheery reds from the dark deep indigos one cannot help but notice the intimidating dark figures. It could be a pile of rocks, a man, or both! His totems of dark objects grace almost every canvas and add not only curiosity and whimsy, but also the perfect vertical element to his untamed canvas. Askin

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