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Aundrea Frahm: "We Revolve Ceaseless"

September 22, 2017 - June 23, 2018*

*Extended through June 23, 2018!* Contemporary artist Aundrea Frahm has created a dazzling array of images, light, and color, with a mammoth kaleidoscope at the center of this dynamic installation, entitled

We Revolve Ceaseless. Inspired by the Earth’s unceasing rotation and its annual passage from season to season, Frahm created videos—both inside the kaleidoscope and projected on the walls—reflecting the cyclic and impermanent nature of time itself.

We Revolve Ceaseless will be on display at the BYU Museum of Art beginning September 22, 2017 through June 23, 2018.

Press and Media

Daily Herald—September 16, 2017
Daily Herald—October 11, 2017