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8 Reasons Why Art Museums are a Great Place for a Date

Art museums make a great venue for dates, whether it's a first date or the hundredth date. Below you'll find eight reasons why your next date should be to an art museum...perhaps even the BYU Museum of Art! - Shared experiences of any kind, including visits to art museums, draw people closer together. - Art museums are a (usually) quiet place where you can have a conversation, but also provides a contemplative environment so you don't have to have a conversation if you don't want to... - Art museums occasionally have a cafe, or at least chocolate or candy in the gift shop (ours has a cafe and candy!) - Museums are a great venue for single dates OR double and group dates! - A lot of museums (including the MOA) are FREE. - Selfies encouraged (sometimes) - as in the Capturing the Canyons exhibition currently on at the MOA!