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Artist Bio: Wayne Kimball

Wayne Kimball, a Utah native who currently resides in Springville, Utah, is quietly one of the world's best and last true lithographers. Lithography is a complicated art medium, as it involves the manual labor of stonecutting plus the artistic know-how of line drawing and the mastery of print-making. It's a labor of love and absolute patience. Kimball began his art career by taking art classes in college, where he soon realized his artistic talent in ceramics, print making, and engraving. He found his true calling in graduate school when he discovered lithography. During his art career, Kimball was also a professor, teaching in various universities, including 25 years in the Visual Arts Department at BYU, until he retired in 2009. Kimball's work is a fun juxtaposition of seemingly serious subject matter turned on its head with unexpected treatment of these subjects. See a collection of Kimball