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Artwork of the Week

Artwork of the Week: October 3rd 2022

James Taylor Harwood (1860-1940)

Christ’s invitation to “Come Ye After Me” (Mark 1:17) began on the shores the Sea of Galilei where he called his first disciples, Peter and Andrew. Christians around the world internalize the Savior’s injunction as portrayed in J. T. Harwood’s painting. Note that the fishermen’s upward gazes are not directed at Jesus, but pleading to heaven as they had secured nothing to show for their overnight efforts. Momentarily, they will respond positively to the Savior’s miraculous catch, and more importantly, his invitation to become followers of the Lord–fishers of men.

This small painting dated 1904 does not reflect the Impressionist style Harwood would deploy when nearly two decades later, the Deseret Sunday School Union will commission a larger version of this masterwork.