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Artwork of the Week

Artwork of the Week: September 26th 2022

Ella Peacock (1905-1999)

On September 30 we celebrate the birthday of Ella Peacock, an American artist born in 1905, sometimes referred to as the Matriarch of Utah Artists. Ella Peacock grew up on the East Coast but considered it too green compared to the desert scenes of Utah and Nevada, the landscapes most inspiring to her. Ultimately, she and her husband Bill settled in Spring City, Utah a city in Sanpete Valley Peacock never grew tired of. While this painting features her characteristic greys and muted tones, instead of a desert landscape, we see her daily tools as an artist. The Letter Press is surrounded by a small book or sheaf of paper, a stamp for printing, an ink roller, and a jar of brushes, indicating her interest in both painting and printmaking.