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In February 2016, our Registration Department was preparing the exhibition Branding the American West: Paintings and Films 1900-1950. Allie Mielke, our Assistant Registrar, took us behind-the-scenes during the process, showing our Instagram followers a day in the life of Registration.

Today we are reposting these pictures and explanations that Allie gave during the Instagram Takeover. And please, if you like content like this, follow us on Instagram: @byumoa.


This is just one of the storage racks where we store paintings when they aren’t in a gallery. And, it’s just a tiny fraction of our storage here at the MOA!

IMG_4217A big part of our job in Registration is handling and placing artworks during exhibition installation. We’re in the middle of installing Branding right now, which is opening on Friday, so we’re busy in the gallery all week making sure everything is hung and ready for the opening day.

In Registration, we maintain documentation and care of our entire collection, which includes over 18,000 pieces! This is a small section where we file and update our documentation. Documentation is Registration’s best friend.

IMG_4216One of the parts of working in Registration is being trained to handle artworks. We’re busy with an installation, but we manage our deadlines so there is absolutely no rush. Art handling requires great caution and cannot be done hastily or carelessly!


Thanks for giving us a peek into Registration, Allie! Find more fun content like this by following the MOA Instagram account: @byumoa.


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