Call for…Sticks?

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The MOA is considering a possible installation made entirely of wood sticks by an acclaimed contemporary artist. If the MOA moves forward with this potential project, we would need to gather a large amount of local saplings of various sizes, ranging from 2-3″ in diameter and 7′ long to small pencil-sized sticks. Currently, we are seeking to find potential local areas where we could freely gather them, such as large fields, river beds, forested areas, or land slated for development. For the artist to use them, they must still be pliable, preferably not yet harvested until installation. Environmental sensitivity is a major concern for this artist, therefore the gathering has no long-term impact. Again, the timeline for this project would not begin for at least one year. We are currently conducting preliminary research and appreciate your input at this early stage.
If you are aware of a possible local sources, please contact Dr. Janalee Emmer with information:
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