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College of Fine Arts and Communications: 'Lance Larsen on Maynard Dixon, Amateurism and Juxtaposition in Art'

By Ella Henricksen

Dixon Campo Santo Sketch

"Maynard Dixon is a name that many Utahns may recognize — he was an American artist active in the early 20th century who painted his way through the western United States. BYU’s Museum of Art is currently hosting an exhibition on Dixon and created a speaker series to reflect on his life and works.

"BYU's Professor Lance Larsen served as Utah’s Poet Laureate from 2012-2017 and is currently the chair of the English Department. He is an award-winning writer with 5 collections of poetry. Professor Larsen admitted that while he was not an expert on Dixon’s life or art, he is an enthusiastic amateur. While the word ‘amateur’ has come to be synonymous with ineptitude, Larsen said that the Latin root of the word is 'to love.'” ...

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