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E. G. Sarah O Donnell

APRIL 4 – AUGUST 9, 2014

The Light is the Source of the Land
Sarah O. Donnell, 'The Light is the Source of the Land,' 2011, Panoramic Photograph on 5" x 65" transparency projection, rocks, fog.


This work by up-and-coming artist Sarah O Donnell — a panoramic photograph transparency projected onto the walls of a darkened room — creates the illusion of a lighthouse illuminating a nighttime seascape, treading the fine line between fiction and reality as does most of O Donnell’s work.

No Ghost
Sarah O Donnell, 'No Ghost,' 2013, Video Projection


This work by O Donnell also reflects her trademark use of projection and video. Footage of a swinging door captured from the inside of a dark building in a ghost town is projected onto a wall, re-creating the experience for the viewer.


“…At the core of my work are ideas about place, memory, home and how we come to know ourselves and our world through our experiences of it- both first hand in real life, and second hand through things like movies, theater and storytelling. My work occupies that fine line between fiction and reality. Is it a memory from my own childhood or am I just recalling a scene from a movie?

“I make installations that immerse the viewer in a space created with projected light and images. Due to the universally recognizable imagery of these spaces, (a sea-side village, a desert landscape) the installations seem to pivot between the personal memory of a place and the collective memory gained through cultural representation of a place. These spaces feel familiar but provide glimpses of a past that you