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Eight Reasons to Visit an Art Museum

  1. When you visit a museum, you're engaging in learning and education outside a classroom setting. This type of learning allows you to move at your own pace, gather and learn about ideas that are of specific interest to you
  2. Looking at and analyzing artwork releases dopamine in the brain - it's the falling in love hormone that makes you giddy and content!
  3. When you view art in a museum, studies have shown that it can lead to a decrease in cortisol, the stress hormone. Visiting a museum actually reduces stress!
  4. Looking at art gives us greater empathy as we strive to understand the context of the artwork and the events and emotions surrounding the piece.
  5. The chocolate at the gift store at the Museum is better quality than the corner drugstore or Walmart (at least in our museum).
  6. Having experiences makes us happier than having more possessions. Spend a few hours at a museum for an enriching and memorable experience, rather than spending money to buy something that you won't really get much happiness from in the long run. Plus, if you spend the time at the museums with a friend, you are forging happy memories with that person, which strengthens your relationship with them.
  7. Visiting a museum will make you more creative! Ever been working on a problem and had an idea suddenly come to you while you were driving or taking a shower or cooking? The same thing can happen when you're wandering through a museum! Due to the more leisurely pace inherent in most museums, the combination of being faced with creative minds' output + interpreting sometimes abstract ideas + slower pace = light bulb moments!
  8. Visiting museums makes you happier! According to a UK study in 2013, 'Museums improve people's happiness and perception of good health, even after other factors that might be influencing them are accounted for.' Sounds good to us!