Old Master Paintings from the Kress Collection

February 18 – July 31, 2022

Marvel at the treasures of the old masters.

We invite you to explore the wonders of the Renaissance and Baroque eras through the eyes of Italian, French, and Dutch old master painters. Discover the richness and grandeur of the European artistic tradition through devotional scenes of Christ, resplendent landscapes, majestic portraiture, and more. European Splendors will captivate everyone from art historians reveling in the technique to children delighting in the spectacle on display. You’ll want to see the brilliance of this exhibition for yourself at the Museum of Art!

European Splendors is organized by the Columbia Museum of Art, South Carolina with support from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York. Additional artworks have been provided from the Museum of Art’s own collection.

Preview highlights from the exhibition:

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