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From the Vault Audio Descriptions for Blind and Partially Sighted Visitors

On this page you'll find audio descriptions of each of the artworks in the exhibition From the Vault.

They Who Had Taken Us Captive, by Minerva Teichert
Immigrants to New York City, by Minerva Teichert
Queen Esther, by Minerva Teichert
Minerva Teichert Audio Label
Silver Chalice with Roses, by Julian Alden Weir
"Silver Chalice with Roses" Audio Label
Flora (Carrie Mansfield Weir), by Julian Alden Weir
"Flora (Carrie Mansfield Weir)" Audio Label
Family on Horse Drawn Cart, by Joseph Paul Vorst
"Family on Horse Drawn Cart" Audio Label
The Family, by Elizabeth Catlett
"The Family" Audio Label
The Valley, by Edward Redfield
"The Valley" Audio Label
Fallen Monarchs, by William Bliss Baker
"Fallen Monarchs" Audio Label
Mrs. Edward Goetz, by John Singer Sargent
"Mrs. Edward Goetz" Audio Label
The Harvesters, by Daniel Ridgeway Knight
"The Harvesters" Audio Label
Premier Chagrin (First Grief), by Daniel Ridgway Knight
"Premier Chagrin (First Grief)" Audio Label
Ladies at Dinner, by Dorothy Weir Young
"Ladies at Dinner" Audio Label
Seated Girl Reading Newspaper, by Dorothy Weir Young
"Seated Girl Reading Newspaper" Audio Label
Yankee Doodle, by Norman Rockwell
"Yankee Doodle" Audio Label
Plowing Valley of the Great Salt Lake, by Mahonri Young
"Plowing Valley of the Great Salt Lake" Audio Label
Two Boxers and Referee, by Mahonri Young
"Two Boxers and Referee" Audio Label
In the Beginning, by Ernie Barnes
"In the Beginning" Audio Label