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Halloween's Expression on Art

Each season that Halloween comes upon us, we each search for a way to spook each other and create a unique way for costumes. As I have walked countless stairs and steps here in MOA, I cannot help but stop at our Vik Muniz Exhibition to help inspire my ideas for Halloween costumes. The thought of being able to work in such a place allows for me to be creative, open, and experience art in ways I never thought I could. I have been able to learn more about how Halloween ties into its own “artistic” ways and showing how we can be creative. I have been able to reminisce on past costumes and admire the costumes that I have seen this past weekend. Each person serves their own artistic value in their costume to show off what they have been thinking about, showing off their skills, and embracing their abilities. It reminds me how many artists are doing that consistently throughout history and our modern days. Each artist is holding a specific skill and technique that helps them express and embrace their skill set. Which then allows us to appreciate their skills and helps us in ways to express our feelings, give us support to be creative, guide us to show off our artistic ability, and so much more. Each artist shows us ways to be better, more aware, and help us get out of our comfort zone to reach more than what we are simply looking for. Halloween is a great way to see how we can all be creative and let loose a little bit more than we are used to. However, we should always use art exhibitions and artists to reach our creativity circle and embrace our skills and our own ways to express ourselves!

Guest Post by MOA Marketing Student Kristina Kham