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Erin Kolu is one of our talented students who works in the Education Department. Erin works at the front desk and during events, gives tours, and she is responsible for scheduling group tours for the museum as well. Today we interview Erin about her experience as a student employee at the BYU MOA!
MOA: What’s your major? How does it fit into museum work?
Erin: I’m an English major, but I absolutely love art!
MOA: What is the best part of your job as an education student at the MOA?
Erin: I get a chance to work closely with people who care deeply about helping others connect with art. I’ve had the opportunity to get a lot of one-on-one mentoring, and I’ve had the privilege to mentor other student employees. I also have gotten a lot of invaluable teaching experience at all grade levels because of the variety of tours that we give.
MOA: Which has been your favorite exhibition at the MOA since you’ve been working here? Why?
Erin: I felt the most connected to the Beauty and Belief exhibition of Islamic art. This was while I was still working as a MOA security guard, and, as a guard,  you have a connection with the pieces that, while less academic, is more intimate in some ways because you spend so much time with the objects and it’s your duty to protect them. Beauty and Belief was huge and held so many objects, many of which were incredibly old, so you could feel history around you. The exhibition brought many people together of all religions to appreciate the beauty and devotion represented in these objects.
MOA: What do you wish more people knew about the MOA?
Erin: I wish more people knew how much work goes into every exhibition. There are so many people devoted to making each exhibition as beautiful and cohesvie as possible at every level. So much thought goes into the paint colors chosen for gallery walls, the fonts used on the text panels, the best possible order and juxtapositions to make when deciding layout. There is extreme care in hanging pieces; hours are devoted to figuring out the best way to teach and give tours in each space. Each exhibition is a labor of love.

Thank you so much for talking to us, Erin! The MOA wouldn’t be the same without our amazing Education Students! Say hi to them next time you come to the front desk!

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