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To Minerva Teichert (1888-1976), painting was more than a profession. It was a divine calling, a mission she felt compelled to work on every day. She was one of few Western women in the early twentieth century to receive formal art training at the Art Institute of Chicago and at the Art Students League in New York City. During Teichert’s time in New York, her teacher American artist Robert Henri encouraged her to paint the “Mormon story.” She boldly took up this commission, painting many scenes from the Mormon history and also assuming the task of illustrating the Book of Mormon.

The BYU Museum of Art owns the complete set of the 42 murals from Teichert’s Book of Mormon series, as well as a few other painting of Book of Mormon topics. From 1949-1951, she completely dedicated herself to this task, referring to it as the “greatest joy as well as the toughest job I ever hope to undertake.” Teichert’s murals present a dramatic synopsis of the story of the Book of Mormon. She captures the human dimension and the emotion of the stories of familiar scriptural figures, such as Nephi, Sariah, Alma, and Captain Moroni. Through her images, we can see the Book of Mormon through fresh eyes.

Prints of several of these artworks are available for purchase on the MOA Store website. You can browse here.

A Battle at the River Sidon

Alma Baptizes at the Waters of Mormon

Alma Overcomes Amlici

Ammon Before King Limhi

Ammon Saves the King’s Flocks

An Angel Appears to Alma and the Sons of Mosiah

The Answer of Lachoneus

Christ in America

Christian Converts

The City of Gid

Death of Amalackiah

Defense of a Nephite City

Destruction on the Western Continent

The Earthquake

Escape of Alma’s People

Escape of King Limhi and His People


Gadianton’s Band

Helaman’s Striplings/Samuel the Lamanite

Journey of the Jaredites Across Asia

King Benjamin’s Farewell Address

Lamanite Maidens

Last Battle Between the Nephites and the Lamanites

The Law on the Plates of Brass

Lehi in the Dessert

Loading the Ship

Love Story

The Meeting with Lamoni’s Father

Morianton’s Maidservant

Moroni: The Last Nephite

Moroni and the Title of Liberty

Mosiah Discovers Zarahemla

Mosiah Interprets the Jaredite Stone

Nephi, the Builder, Forging Swords

Nephi Bound

Nephi Leads His Followers into the Wilderness

The Promised Land

Record of the Jaredites

The Sacrament

The Ship of Hagoth

The Title of Liberty

Treachery of Amalickiah

Treasures in Exchange for the Plates of Brass

Trial of Abinadi

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