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MOA 25th Anniversary

Welcome to the BYU Museum of Art's spectrum of programming as we celebrate our 25th anniversary year. We anticipate a future that fosters life-enriching encounters with original art and soul searching discussions about ideas of great consequence.'The Museum's collection has grown to 18,470 objects—works that 'nourish our finer instincts and cause us more frequently to ponder on the...Author of all that is truly beautiful,' as President Gordon B. Hinckley expressed at the dedication of the museum on October 13, 1993.The Museum of Art is a place where the heart and mind are brought together to seek knowledge and values, self-affirmation and spiritual understanding. We hope your experience in the Museum will nurture a more reflective mind, a capacity for deeper inquiry, a stronger commitment to excellence and integrity, and heightened appreciation for others and their ideas.

Events & Programming

25th Anniversary Art After Dark Celebration - Opening of Becoming America Exhibition
Friday, March 22, 2019 | 7-10 PM

25th Anniversary Kiosk at the MOA