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More than 1,500 people came to the BYU Museum of Art on December 7 for the opening of We Could Be Heroes: The Mythology of Monsters and Heroes in Contemporary Art. The event, though, was months in the making.

What does it take to put together an original exhibition? The next few months, the MOA will feature interviews with several key players, including Jeff Lambson, Curator of Contemporary Art, who devised and curated the exhibition.

This month, we chat with his ever-able assistant, Seth Baldridge about the basics of the exhibition and about his role as curatorial assistant.

MOA: What kinds of art works are showing up in the exhibition? What will be its main attractions?

Baldridge: The exhibition will feature contemporary paintings, sculptures, installations, and video works. I think some of the main features will be the giant, one-eyed monster in a dress, the Loch Ness monster sculpture, and (with the recent Bigfoot sighting in Provo Canyon) the Bigfoot sculpture.

MOA: What does your role as curatorial assistant entail? What

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