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The BYU Museum of Art is excited to announce our new “Book of Hours” project! Starting June 1, 2016 the MOA will be posting an artwork from our permanent collection as well as some background information about the piece and the date, if significant. This project aims to showcase works that are not often featured in exhibitions, introduce new pieces, and allow for rediscovery of old favorites.

We are calling this our Book of Hour Project, as we hope that viewing these posts will become a daily ritual in your life to bring positivity, joy, and inspiration into your life. A Book of Hours was a meditative book in the Middle Ages, often an illuminated manuscript (though some were just manuscripts), which were reusable year after year, and commemorated religious holidays, persons, and events through art and word. These mini-books were calendars and meditative booklets to inspire and educate their readers. Often women would receive a Book of Hours as wedding gift from her husband, sometimes featuring the family’s coat of arms. Often, royalty would commission special and highly illustrated Books of Hours that would be passed on from generation to generation, or even given to new owners when monarchs were overthrown.

In our new MOA Book of Hours Project, we will be posting every day, but also linking to the previous’ years’ posts (starting next year of course), so that you can easily go back and see what entries were featured on this day a year ago, and so on. To access the Book of Hours Project, simply click the tab under Collections from the MOA home page, or click here.

We hope to soon be able to provide an email subscription link, where you can sign up to receive the daily artworks right into your inbox, so look for that to be coming soon. For now, we hope you will enjoy and subscribe via RSS feed and share your favorites on your own social media channels. Please email any feedback about the Book of Hours project to

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