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MOA Featured on BYU Radio Program

Art lenders, scholars and curators involved with the MOA's current

Timothy O'Sullivan and

Sacred Gifts exhibitions, as well as the Museum's Curator of Contemporary Art Jeff Lambson, recently appeared in several segments of Thinking Aloud, a daily radio show that airs on BYU Radio and Classical 89. Listen to the segments below:

Curator Jeff Lambson on Museum Curating Today - 2/24/14 Photographer Timothy O'Sullivan and the American West - 4/4/2014 BYU MOA Sacred Gifts Exhibit: Carl Bloch - 4/25/2014 BYU MOA Sacred Gifts Exhibit: Frans Schwartz - 4/24/2014 BYU MOA Sacred Gifts Exhibit: Heinrich Hofmann - 4/23/2014