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Now Open at the MOA: "Lasting Impressions: Etchings and Drawings by Carl Bloch"

The BYU Museum of Art is excited to present

Lasting Impressions: Etchings and Drawings by Carl Bloch

. This exhibition, comprised of 60 etchings and drawings by the Danish artist, is on display through January 5, 2019. Carl Bloch (1834-1890) was one of the notable Danish artists of his time. He created lofty history paintings whose patriotic subjects gained national acclaim. He likewise garnered prestigious religious commissions, which brought him further recognition. After establishing himself as one of Denmark's masters, Bloch turned his attention to printmaking. This artistic medium was a new frontier for Bloch, through which he could pursue his mastery of light, form, and narrative. In the final decade of his career, Bloch embraced etching with a passion that surpassed his studio paintings, producing 74 prints and setting a new standard for printmaking in his native country. A keen observer and a man of quiet reflections, Bloch translated his insights into masterful compositions: empathic portraits, picturesque views of his beloved Danish landscape, and resonant images of abiding faith. His works were his voice, and nowhere is Bloch's voice more evident than in his timeless etchings.